Welcome to Intersect at MVCCC!

We are the English Congregation of Mountain View Chinese Christian Church (MVCCC) which is an independent, evangelical, non-denominational church. A predominantly second generation Asian American congregation, our members include jr. high and high school students, young adults (college and working adults), young families (parents with infants and toddlers), and older fmilies (parents of our college-aged students).

We absolutely love our intergenerational Church Family and invite you to visit us!

Mountain View Chinese Christian Church

MVCCC is comprised of two different congregations. The English Congregation is a mix of students, single adults, and families. We are proud of the fact that we are an inter-generational church and we embrace this unique identity. The Chinese Congregation also meets on Sunday mornings (11am) and offers a Sunday Service, a number of fellowsip, small groups, bible study groups, and children programs in Mandarin Chinese.

Our History

Started in the 1960s as a Home Bible Study Group under the guidance and assistance of Rev. Moses Yu, Chinese Christian Fellowship held its first worship service in 1964 in the hall rented from Masonic Temple. In 1974, it formally changed its name to Mountain View Chinese Christian Church, and on December 8, 1996, MVCCC moved into its current facility.