English Pastor

The English Pastor will focus on revitalizing and rebuilding the Intersect congregation(English
Congregation of Mountain View Chinese Christian Church). As a member of the church
pastoral staff, he will provide spiritual leadership to develop matured Christian lives through
shepherding, scriptural teaching, and discipleship training. The fruits and testimony he bears
shall be the evidence to influence those around him.

1. To provide scriptural teaching and train the English congregation to apply Christian faith in
daily life according to the biblical principles.
2. To direct and oversee the English Ministry including both Adults, Youth and Children
3. To lead and guide the English Leadership team to plan for future growth.
4. To provide counseling to the English congregation when appropriate.
5. To foster a genuine Christ-centered community.
6. To promote evangelical outreach through enabling of church members
7. To build and develop spiritual gifts of the English congregation members in order to cultivate
8. Participate and serve in various church programs as the needs arise, e.g. church retreats,
Christmas service, local and oversea missions, etc.
9. To facilitate communication between the Chinese and English congregations and develop
close ministry relationships
10. To be willing to work with the leadership of MVCCC to further Church’s Mission.

The English Pastor is expected to be a servant leader. Candidate is expected to live an
exemplary life, modeling the call and character of a minister of Jesus Christ.

● The candidate must experience a genuine call from God to pastor, minister and
evangelize at MVCCC. Candidates must espouse a life consistent of faithful prayer,
preaching God’s Word, equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry, and calling
sinners to a life in Christ. (Eph.4:11-13).
● Candidate must subscribe to the Statement of Faith of MVCCC
● Candidate must desire to grow in spiritual maturity which can be reflected in his teaching
ministry, character, family testimony, and reputation outside the Church (Act 20:19,20,24;
Titus 1:6-9; 1Tim.3:2-7, 11-16; 1 Peter 5:1-4).

● Graduated from an accredited Bible college/Seminary with a M.Div. degree.
● Prior experience in pastoring preferred (more than five years preferred).
● Cross cultural experience with vision of multicultural congregation

Youth Minister


The youth minister will work full-time (40 hours/week) and focus on growing the youth group of Mountain View Chinese Christian Church and developing the spiritual faith of the members (37 junior high and high schoolers, grades 7-12) through teaching and guidance. This role involves teaching and speaking responsibilities, ministering to youth, coordinating with church leadership and other volunteers, organizing major events, building rapport with youth parents, and serving as an spiritual example/role model.


  1. Direct and oversee the youth ministry, both junior high and high school, and set forth a vision for the ministry.
  2. Provide Scriptural teaching for weekend youth events, including Friday night youth group and Sunday School, and to the larger English congregation as needed. 
  3. Plan, attend, and supervise additional major events for spiritual formation, including coordinating with leadership of other partner churches for both winter and summer retreat.
  4. To serve as a spiritual role model for the youth, making effort to build individual friendships and grow their faith.
  5. Communicate openly with parents, provide resources for parenting, and be an effective resource for them.
  6. Disciple potential youth candidates and develop youth to take leadership. 
  7. Promote evangelical outreach, including encouraging youth to participate in missions.
  8. Coordinate with adult volunteers within the congregation as counselors and mentors.
  9. Coordinate with the children’s program and look to build partnerships between programs.
  10. Work alongside the English Pastor and the leadership of MVCCC to further the mission of the church, including attending overall church leadership meetings and English congregation.


The youth minister is expected to be a servant leader. Candidate is expected to live an exemplary life, modeling the call and character of a minister of Jesus Christ.


  • Subscribe to MVCCC’s Statement of Faith.
  • Have experience with a multicultural environment, especially in regard to MVCCC’s population of first and second generation Chinese Americans
  • Have a strong desire to train youth to follow Christ through teaching, example, and outward profession of faith
  • Desire to grow in spiritual maturity which can be reflected in ministry, character, family testimony, and reputation outside the Church (Acts 20:19, 20, 24; Titus 1:6-9; 1Tim. 3:2-7, 11-16; 1 Peter 5:1-4).
  • Be able to articulate a vision of youth ministry, especially in regard to developing youth to spiritually thrive in a Bay Area context. 
  • Submit to criminal and sexual misconduct background checks.
  • Be able to make a minimum commitment of two years. 


  • Graduated from an accredited Bible college/Seminary required for the full-time role. Applicants currently in line for degree who meet other qualifications may be considered for a part-time role.
  • Prior experience in youth ministry preferred.
  • English fluency required, proficiency in Mandarin preferred.
  • Background in immigrant church contexts strongly preferred.

Children Director

● Be a committed follower of Jesus Christ
● Agree to the bylaw, the statement of faith and the child protection policy of Mountain View Chinese Christian Church
● Have served as a teacher or a similar position in Children’s Ministry in any church or Christian organization for at least two years
● Be able to effectively communicate to parents or children who speak Mandarin and parents or children who speak English
● Must provide at least 3 references
● No criminal or child abuse record – must pass criminal background check

Preferred experience:
● Have served as a Director of Children’s Ministry or a similar leadership position
● Have received a degree or training in Theology or fields related to Children’s Ministry

● Develop, communicate and implement the strategic plan for the Children’s Ministry in alignment with the mission of Mountain View Chinese Christian Church.
● Provide oversight, discipleship and care for children (birth – 6th grade), as well as communication and support for the parents of children.
● Organize the Children’s Sunday School program, the AWANA program, summer children programs and nursery childcare.
● Recruit coworkers (teachers and helpers) for Children’s Ministry and organize training programs for coworkers.
● Be responsible for the curriculum of Children’s Sunday School (from 3 year old to 6th grade) and summer children programs.