Every AWANA club has a special uniform. Clubbers must earn the privilege to purchase and wear the uniform. This is done by successfully passing the Club Entrance Test which is provided to your clubber the first time he or she attends. Replacement of a lost test is 50 cents. A clubber is ready to purchase the handbook and the uniform when the test is passed.

Club Fees

Club registration fee of $30 is collected at registration. A clubber needs bring $0.50 due for each week’s meeting. The dues are used to purchase treats and awards for AWANA store.

Costs for Uniforms and Handbooks

Uniform Handbook Bag
Cubbies $12.00 $10.00 $6.00
Sparks $12.00 $10.00 $6.00
T-N-T $24.00 $10.00 $6.00

Uniforms and handbooks will be purchased and given to the clubber after they have completed:

  • Cubbies Bear Hug brochure
  • Sparks Flight 3:16
  • T-N-T Start Zone

Extra Credit

Upon completion of all required handbooks, supplementary extra credit materials may be purchased and completed. The materials are priced as follows:

  • Cubbies Character Builders: $4.00
  • Sparks Frequent Flyer Extra Credit Cards: $8.00

Lost Items

If your clubber loses a handbook or uniform they may purchase a new one. For replacement expenses please refer to the costs above. If we have a used uniform shirt available the clubber may use it. Ask your clubber’s director about availability.

Old Uniforms

If you have a used Sparks vest or T-N-T shirt you may donate it to Awana to be used by someone in need. Please clean and remove any awards prior to donation. You get 2 shares for each item.

Space Availability

Although we would like to accept as many students as possible, the number of students that we can actually accommodate may be limited by the safety code, church facility, or teacher availability. If a child is not placed in an Awana club right away, he/she will be put on a waiting list until additional resource becomes available. In the mean time, alternative programs will be provided for those waiting-listed children.

Awana Shares


Check-in on Time 100 points
Wear uniform properly 100 points
Bring your own Bible 100 points
Bring Handbook in Awana bag 100 points
Due 100 points

Clubbers earn 500 points will receive 1 Awana shares.

Extra shares will be rewarded for good behavior.

II. GAME TIME – Team Competition Point System

While not desiring to over emphasize competition, Awana club does utilize team competition. Teams will be assigned the first night of AWANA and may be changed periodically to ensure balance. A visitor may join the team of the clubber who brought them on the first night.

At Closing, each team’s total points will be calculated. Each clubber on the first place team will get two (2) Awana shares. Each clubber on the second place team will get one (1) Awana share.


Sparks and T-N-T clubbers get 100 points for passing each section. If their parents have worked with them on a section and signed on the page, they get an additional 50 points for that section.

A clubber gets one Awana share if he/she gets at least 300 points but less than 700 points, and two Awana shares if he/she gets at least 700 points.

A clubber can get at most two Awana shares from book time each night.

Parental Support for Positive Discipline

The purpose of discipline is to teach Christ-like behavior, not merely a set of rules. To discipline is to teach or mold. Discipline is done for your child. By setting a model of Christ-like conduct at home, clubbers will see the reinforcement of AWANA standards in you.

In AWANA, all leaders are trained to use positive discipline which encourages good behavior through rewards, such as verbal praise, extra points and special recognition. We will never emphasize punishment for misbehavior.

We use a Five-Count to bring order during activities. The Commander or Director will count 5-4-3-2-1. Each clubber should become quiet and listen to instructions.

However, when a child is deliberately misbehaving or distracting other clubbers, we will administer the Tree-Count rule which is listed below:

    1st strike: a warning
    2nd strike: talk with Director or Commander
    3rd strike: must sit out for the rest of AWANA night and parents are called.

Special Notes About Physical Offense

Our commitment as the Awana staff is to as best as we can, ensure a safe environment, and one that is conducive for spiritual growth for every clubber. Here are the consequences for deliberately hurt another clubber physically:

  1. First time offenses will result in the clubber’s suspension from any AWANA activities for three weeks.
  2. Second time offenses will result in suspension for an entire month.
  3. More than two offenses could lead to suspension for an entire semester.