Each week the club meetings will begin at 7:00pm sharp. Check- in begins at 6:45pm (no earlier) in the locations listed below. Parents, please stay with your child until he/she is checked in. Due to safety concerns we do not allow dropping off of children for self-check-in.

Check-in Locations:

  • Cubbies : Room 29
  • Sparks : Main Lobby at Reception
  • T-N-T : Main Lobby at Reception

All clubs ends at 9:00pm sharp. Cubbies parents must sign out your children from the Cubbies classroom. Sparks and T-N-T parents do not need to sign out your children, who usually have some light snacks after the closing ceremony at 9:00pm.

Please note that the responsibility of the Awana leaders officially ends at 9:00pm, although some of them will stay longer with the children. Please be considerate of our Awana leaders and their families, and pick up your children no later than 9:15pm. For your children’s safety and everyone’s peace of mind, we will not allow children to exit the building in order to meet you at your car.

Check-out Locations:

  • Cubbies : Room 29
  • Sparks : Dining Room
  • T-N-T : Dining Room