Rules are in place to promote a smooth flow for a club meeting while protecting the clubbers, staff, property and rights of others. All our Church general rules and Sunday School rules also apply in our Awana club time.

  1. Full participation by all clubbers is required. A clubber needs to plan to take part in the entire club night unless the clubber brings a note from home or the clubber’s parent contacts the Director.
  2. A clubber can only have four (4) unexcused absences. Sickness, family vacation and other circumstances outside of clubber’s control are considered excused absence.
  3. A clubber needs to come to attention whenever he/she hears a leader give a 5-count.
  4. Clubbers shall show respect for club leaders.
  5. No clubber is allowed on the game square once the flag ceremony has begun until its completion. It is clubber’s responsibility to be on time.
  6. Rough play or foul language will not be tolerated and is grounds to call parents to take clubber home.
  7. All clubbers must remain on church property during club hours.
  8. While awards may be earned while out of uniform, clubbers must be in uniform to receive them.
  9. Inappropriate behavior will result in the clubber being removed from the given activity and parents may be called to pick up their child / children. Parents will be told of the problem and the clubber will be welcomed back the following week if he/she is ready to comply with rules.
  10. Clubbers must wear closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes if possible) at game time. It is recommended that long pants be worn for the protection of their knees.
  11. Guests of a clubber or a visitor may attend 3 times before registration is required to attend again.
  12. No food or drinks is allowed outside of the Dining room.
  13. No running and chasing outside of the game square is allowed.
  14. No toys from home are allowed.